• А.Ю. Cидоренко Національний медичний університет імені О.О.Богомольця, ДУ «Науково-практичний медичний центр дитячої кардіології та кардіохірургії МОЗ України», м. Київ, України
Ключові слова: матері, діти, вроджена вада серця, стрес, психологічна допомога.


Families of a child with a congenital heart disease (CHD) often found in situations of stress due to the expected child heart surgery, possible postoperative complications or disability of the child in the future. Therefore, the implementation of psychological assistance could facilitate adaptation and help to prevent the psychoemotional disorders in children and their parents.

Aim. To develop and evaluate the program of psychological assistance for mothers of children with CHD.

Methods. 25 mothers of adolescents with CHD participated in the study. Psychocorrection measures covered from 5 to 10 individual and group sessions with parents and consisted of techniques of Adler individual psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and psyhoeducation.

Results. At the start of hospital treatment the symptoms of anxiety were detected in 16 (64%) mothers and in 7 (28%) mothers were found signs of depression. After the class of psychological assistance anxiety remained only in 3 mothers and in none mother was found depressive symptoms on a scale.

Conclusion. We have developed a program of psychological assistance for mothers of adolescents with CHD and revealed its effectiveness by overcoming depression and reduce anxiety symptoms in mothers. The study singled out six topics for mothers emotional state correction such as 1) the volatility of mood, 2) the fear of death 3) spiritual resources 4) motherhood 5) private life and 6) the medical world.

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