Purpose and Scope

Purpose of the journal is to distribute the results of scientific research and to encourage students, interns, postgraduate students and young specialists to participate in scientific activities.

Ukrainian Scientific Medical Youth Journal (USMYJ) is a platform for opportunities for young scientists, an impulse to develop their own academic careers, and an author-centered environment for professional and personal development. Editorial Board is constantly working in order to combine the world's best traditions of scientific periodicals with the modern requirements for high-impact factor journals. At the same time, following the policy of supporting young scientists, the Editorial Board primarily prefers publication of research results of University and postgraduate students.

The Editorial Board of USMYJ brings together the leading specialists of Bogomolets National Medical University, as well as renowned scholars of Europe, with high levels of citation. Through a multi-level review process, the authors of journal articles are able to complete their work with the advices and comments of professional editors.

Important feature of the publication is intolerance to violation of principles of academic integrity. All articles are thoroughly checked for signs of plagiarism as well as violations of bioethical standards.

USMYJ provides equal opportunities for the publication of articles by both domestic authors and scholars abroad, placing equal demands on each of the works.

Open Access Policy.

The Scientific and Practical Edition of the USMYJ provides open access to its contents immediately after the publication, based on the following principle: open access to the results of scientific research ensures the free distribution of scientific information, facilitating the wide exchange of knowledge. Articles may be read, copied, printed and distributed in case they are used not for commercial purposes and the authors and publisher have the appropriate rights.

All articles in this journal have the status of "Free Open Access" and do not affect the financial interests of both funding bodies and academic institutions.