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Two cases of поп-effusive pericarditis associated with serologically proven Epstein - Barr virus were reported. Almost healthy young males had complaints of abrupt onset of retrosternal chest pain that appeared during breathing or moving. Other common causes of chest pain must be ruled out, including cardiac ischemia, pneumonia, costochondritis, pulmonary embolism and substance abuse (cocaine). The past medical history were unremarkable, they denies recent use of medications. During physical exanimation a pericardial friction rub was not heard, X-ray was normal. The 2015 updated European Society of Cardiologists Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of pericardial diseases recommended ECG, Echo, measurement of inflammatory or myocardial injury markers. The presentation and discussion of ECG typical changes and Echo signs that proved diagnosis of acute pericarditis were reported. Potential causes of pericarditis are numerous and include trauma, viral infection, tuberculosis, malignant disease and autoimmune conditions. The search for causative factors is often fruitless, because the condition is deemed to be idiopathic. It is common that viruses can lead to acute pericarditis, but only few cases of EBV-associated pericarditis have been previously published. Broad serological tests of infectious diseases were taken. EBV-associated effusive or поп-effusive pericarditis may develop without any signs of the infectious mononucleosis in young and almost healthy patients. Both patients made a good physical recovery after being placed on special non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, colchicine therapy.


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